New FORA’s


New FORA 15D Juniors

If you are looking for a new FORA 15D drop me a line. 8 new engines have been ordered.  If there is a demand for more, I will order more.

Parts available are as follows:

This is by list of current FORA stock:

4 FORA Junior 2.5 Diesels $110 each

1 FORA Jr tuned Muffler      $35.00

3 FORA Jr NVA.s                   $15 each

1 FORA 21 Nelson head Glow C/L or Pylon racing engine w/- spinner   $265.00

6 FORA 09 P/L/rods sets     $60 each

2 FORA 09 Glow conversion heads  $12 each

5 x FORA 09 NVA's               $15 each

6 x FORA 09 combat engine mounting plates $12.00 each

1 x New set FORA Junior 15D crankshaft bearings $15.00 set

2 x FORA 15 F2D 2012 engines with tuned mufflers $230 each

To contact us about anything, to purchase one the FORA’s, or order some of Andrew’ teamrace parts, just just fill in the form below, ensure you add your email address, fill in your requirements, and click submit and I will get back to you immediately.