Other Bits And Bobs

Engine plates for R250’s are available from Steve Rothwell who also supplies the engine bolts, hold-down bolts and attachment lugs shown.  The 3mm Allen head screws do not come with the kit but are a useful addition.  The tank valves and filler cap come from Stu Robertson in the UK and are available in Australia from Duncan Bainbridge in Adelaide.

The two Guys on the right are my hero’s of the 60’s so who are they?

This is another angle on Steve Rothwell’s nice little H plate for the R250.  The tubing comes from Tygon and is available from Lance Smith.

Crutch mounting lugs

You can make these yourself, the ones above are made from aircraft alloy pop rivet bodies tapped out to 2.5mm, and then partially tapped on the outside by using an oversized die to get some glueing purchase.  They work well.  One can cut a flat on the head of the rivet to secure it once it is glued into the crutch.

Andrew’s Nelson type T/R pans

These pans are a gravity sand cast unit and as such need some cleaning up. They are cast from AA601 Aluminium alloy and when polished up look very good. You will need to drill and tap them to suit your engine and model. AUD25 each

New Pans Available

Finally new batch of speed and T/R pans are available.

The speed pan will suit 2cc engines and has been improved  buy making it thicker in places where it was a bit thin previously . The curved shape at the front has been improved and a boss for the rear hold down has been added. Price is still $25 for the raw item or $30 with the flashing cleaned off.

The T/R pan has a make over by making it a bit wider between the front hold downs and the engine mount. This will make it easier to fit the engine in and improves the appearance a bit. Also it has been shortened and the brace is now twice as wide. This allows you to remove the rear part of the brace to get the cut out and tank closer to the engine.   
See pictures above for the pans at various stages of completion.  If you want me to finish the pan ready to put on your model, It takes about 2 ½ hours to do this. Price is therefore $75 for 1 pan for interstate

buyers.  For overseas postage allow $12

Andrew has made up extender set for the prop driver for FORA 15D’s to enable the builder to
extend the nose of the model for a more aerodynamic shape. 

The price of these is $34 per set (white Delrin

washer included) +P/P or $17 for the Driver or prop nut on its own. 

Please allow $6 for  postage and packaging within Australia.

Brass Head Shims

Brass head shims are also available for the FORA Junior to replace the soft alloy ones, in either 002” or 004” at $2.00 each plus PP.

Contact: Andrew Nugent

Mobile: 0437469402,

Phone +61 3 95511884


Also see Andrew’s Racing Parts page

R250‘s, cut outs, and engine plates

Contact :

Steve Rothwell


89 Sunnyridge Road

Arcadia, NSW, 2159

Phone        +61 2 9653 2533

Fax         +61 2 9653 2544

email:           steve@smrpl.com.au

Fuel tank fittings and C/L racing general gear:

British Australian Racing

Contact: Duncan Bainbridge

24 Flinders Avenue

Colonel Light Gardens

SA 5041


email:        duncan3k@adam.com.au

Tygon small-bore fuel tubing:

Sized to fit Rothwell and Cox banjo nipples, Petrol, diesel and glow resistant tubing. Now available in red polyurethane stiff tubing which is more fuel resistant than the yellow tubing and also resistant to kinking and crushing.

Contact: Lance Smith

6 Karina Street, Frankston 3199

Phone:    +61 3 9708 8315

email:        smithlw@optusnet.com.au

Fuel Bottles:

ThermoFisher Scientific

5 Caribbean Dve

Scoresby 3179

P: +61(0) 9757 4400

email: saleau@thermofisher.com

Fuel Bottles: We have a range of possibilities for fuel bottles, the Stu Robertson filler will fit on to a standard Palmolive or equivalent clear
plastic detergent bottle and they are not round so they do not roll away when the wind comes along and blows one over. 

A great bargain but make the time to test the bottle to make sure it is in fact fuel proof, you do not want the bottle dissolving or splitting half way through the finals during a race!   Commercial fuel bottles are also available from laboratory suppliers, and these can be guarantied to be somewhat fuel proof if solvent bottles are specified.  Commercial bottles also have a limited life when using ether as a fuel ingredient and t
he bottles, even HDPE and Teflon will split after a few years.

Sids Squeeze Bottle Valves

(O-Ring type)

Available from Duncan Bainbridge at about $28.00 each.


Sids Tank Filler Valves (O- Ring type) 

From Duncan Bainbridge

1/2A Valve                                         $22.00

Bush (Metal tank, Glass Fibre Tank) $ 2.00

A Valve                                             $20.00

Bush (Metal tank, Glass Fibre Tank) $ 2.00

B Valve                                             $20.00

Bush (Metal tank, Glass Fibre Tank) $ 2.00

Low Height GY Valve                     $24.00

Delrin Spacer/ washer/                 $ 1 .50

Other tank valves also available please ask


Another Fora Extended Prop Drive Assembly And

Spinner Nut:

This little prop

driver extends the

FORA 15D Mk I, II,

and the new Mk III by a total of 15mm enabling  the model builder to extend the nose to allow for a far more aerodynamic looking model.  The FORA driver set is manufactured by Stu Robinson and is available from Duncan Bainbridge.