Many of us fly F2C, Vintage A, Class II Team race, Classic B and other racing classes but often yearn to go back to the beautiful and graceful designs of the 1960’s and 70’s.   The aim of Australian Classic FAI team race is to re-create FAI team racing as it was before 1970, when in the eyes of many people, models were more beautiful, less expensive, and flew over grass at speeds that most people can cope with.

The main aim of this site is to give those interested in Classic FAI a base from which to get further information about where to get stuff, such as motors, pans, plans, cut outs (fuel shut-offs) and general paraphernalia to get things started.

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Firstly some background:


Welcome to Andrew and Lance’s Classic T/R Site

To simplify matters we in Victoria decided that as a starting point, the 1968 FAI team race F2C rules therefore apply as a framework to get things rolling except as follows:

A team racing site may have a short grass or hard surface. Where the surface is grass, the circles marked on the ground may be simplified by making them all the same colour, and by eliminating the broken line “safety circle” at 19.1m.

The choice of models designed before 1970 is encouraged, and such designs may be modified provided all other provisions of these rules are met. “Own design” and designs never before published are allowed.  Asymmetry in the plan view is limited to a maximum of 15mm. V tails shallow or steep angled are permitted.

Construction materials for models are unrestricted, except for the following which are not allowed: Components such as wings or fuselage moulded from carbon fibre, all-metal wings.  Aluminium or Magnesium pans are allowed.

Models need to be designed and constructed in such a manner as to be in the spirit of the rules. No flying wing designs allowed. There is no restriction on exhaust outlets.

Engines are limited to the following:
Oliver Tiger (any model up to Mk4, original or copy),
Fora Junior,
ST G20 diesel,
ST20/15RV Diesel,
MVVS (any model),
ETA 15,
TAIPAN up to series 13 Diesel.
Other engines may be approved upon polite request.

The full set of rules are available to view at Team Race under classic FAI at the CLAMF web site.

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